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The path of sustainable metal waste:

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Metal waste with a new future.

What is Rematech recycling?

A large proportion of metal waste is already recycled. And that is great. But that doesn’t solve the whole problem. Raw materials are not infinite and a circular economy is the future. The 100% recycling of waste is therefore not an option but a necessity.

By making the metal waste that is difficult to recover reusable, Rematech Recycling bv is taking a step in the right direction. In this whole process we focus on collecting, separating, processing and preparing metal waste for melting. Especially aluminium.

aluminium recycling

Please contact us for the possibilities.

Do you want to contribute to sustainable waste processing? In that case we would like to get in touch with you. We are also always looking for waste processors to supply us with metal waste.

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The world of tomorrow

In our view, sustainable and socially responsible business goes a lot further than just recycling and fair trade. It is a way of doing business in which long-term business models are central and a circular economy is the ultimate goal. 


Within our company sustainable business revolves around the search for, and exploitations of innovations within metal recycling. It is a way of entrepreneurship, a vison of the future, which fits the challenges we face as a society.

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