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Our approach:

The collection of waste up to melting down metal packaging is a complex process that requires paying very close attention. The metal that we receive is already separated but still very polluted. This waste cannot be recycled in this way.

The waste must be made ready for melting in a very specific way. We separate tin, aluminium, iron, old electronics, (deodorant) aerosols and more. We do this through a combination of machine and manual work. This way, we end up with metal waste that can be reused.

recycled aluminum
Aluminium brick

The final product

The final product of our work is ready-to-melt waste. Like these pressed blocks of aluminium waste. These are transported to smelters where they are melted down into new products. And so the process starts all over again - as it should in a circular economy.

The start:

Rematech Recycling BV was created through a collaboration between Groenleer and Aldomet. Both companies share a passion for recycling and recovering reusable materials. This collaboration combines years of expertise in the scrap trade with a sound knowledge of the European manufacturing industry. This makes Rematech Recycling a real link that adds value to the recycling chain. We don't move batches of scrap metal, instead we make it ready for reuse!

Remco Vis
Marco Sinke
aluminium recycling

Our story

Read how we turn a continuous stream of waste into new raw materials and contribute to making metal waste more sustainable.

UBC Scrap


Metals, such as steel or aluminium, can be recycled endlessly. In fact, around 95% of metal packaging is currently recycled. Of all the aluminium ever produced, over three quarters are still in circulation.

Despite the positive steps that have been taken in the field of metal recycling, we are still not there. Contaminated metal waste in particular is still difficult to recycle. Rematach Recycling is changing this. We focus on contaminated metal waste, with an additional specialisation in aluminium. This is how we are taking a new step towards a circular waste stream

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