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Metal recycling for the world of tomorrow

Sustainable entrepreneurship goes further than just recycling. It is a way of doing business that fits in with the challenges we face as a society. A vision of the future to contribute to the world of tomorrow.


As with the recycling of other waste materials (think of glass, plastic and paper), the reuse of metal is important for the preservation of our planet. There is a worldwide scarcity of raw materials. It is therefore important to reuse as much waste as possible to create a circular economy.

aluminum ubc scrap bale
aluminum ubc scrap

From waste to raw material.

Aluminium brick

Daily needs

In the modern world we live in, metal is the basis for many of our daily needs. Without metal there would be no cars, planes, ships or trains. But there would also be no power lines or electrical appliances. In our daily lives, the presence of metal is indispensable.

Unfortunately, there is only a finite supply of raw materials on earth. Because raw materials such as metal are finite, it is extremely important to use them in a sustainable way. Fortunately, metal is easy to recycle. Metal waste can therefore be converted into raw materials for new products of the very best quality.

used elektronics Recycling


Over 95% of all metal is currently being reused thanks to recycling. Aluminium is even one of the most sustainable raw materials, as over 75% of all aluminium ever used is still in circulation within the circular economy.

Yet this is only the first step. A circular economy is not an option but a necessity. And we cannot afford to waste it. Despite the fact that we are well on our way with metal recycling, we are not there yet.

With Rematech Recycling bv, we are taking a new step towards zero waste - by further separating contaminated metal waste and giving it a new green future

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